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Calamari  18

Lightly breaded, fried calamari, tossed with roasted tomatoes and pepper rings, garnished with balsamic glaze


Beet Salad 16

Arugula, beets, nuts, apples, and goat cheese tossed in a vinaigrette 


Shrimp Alfredo 18

Grilled shrimp and penne pasta tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce


Taleggio Grilled Cheese 15

Garlic buttered white bread with taleggio cheese and onion chutney 


(In house only, no exceptions)

Mini Burger and Curly Fries 4 (2 each additional)

Mini Cheeseburger and Curly Fries 5 (3 each additional)


Rage Cakes Available! 

Trivia Wednesdays

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